PIMS: an alternative to get benefits from personal data in the EU space

Welcome to a new edition of the PIMCity newsletter in which we will continue to talk about PDK.
As we said, PDK is a toolkit composed of different tools which simplify the creation of PIMS (Personal Information Management System). This lowers the barriers for companies and SMEs to enter the web data market.
In the previous newsletter we presented the principles of PDK and the first four tools to improve users’ privacy. In this second newsletter dedicated to PDK we are going to present the tools for a new data economy and for a novel data management.

The tools that make up the PIMCITY DEVELOPMENT KIT (PDK) are Privacy Metrics, Personal Data Safe, Personal-Consent Manager, Privacy Preserving Analytcis, Data Valuation Tools, Data Trading Engine, Data Aggregation, Data Portability Control, Data Provenance and Data Knowledge Extraction.
In this second Newsletter dedicated to PDK we will deal with the tools for a new data economy and for novel data management.
This Wednesday 21st of July at 12:00 we invite you to the workshop on "How to build a PIMs system and how to benefit from the EU PIMCity project" in which we will explain in depth the project and all the PDK tools.
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PDK/SDK - Tools for a new data economy:
Data Trading Engine

The main function that this module implements is to execute all transactions (between Data Buyers and Data Sellers) within the platform to exchange data for value in a secure, transparent, and fair-for-all way. The TE serves as a communication interface between the PIM backend and the data buyers. There is a myriad of data types that can be sold. The TE focuses in bulk data and audience data.
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Data Valuation Tools

It is the means to give personal data the right value. Online systems make money with users’ personal data. It is thus fundamental to know what the economic value of each piece of information is, to let the user take informed decision on what to share, at what price.
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PDK/SDK - Tool for novel data management:
Data Aggregation

The Data Aggregation module allows users to anonymize any kind of dataset, using K-anonymity as the main algorithm, deleting sensitive data and aggregating them, reducing their weight without important data loss. The anonymized data are stored into the component’s database and are accessible at any moment. It is also possible to query for all the anonymized datasets that are available from a specific user.
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Data Portability Control

The Data Portability Control (DPC) tool implements the right of data portability, a novelty of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that allows individuals to obtain and reuse personal data from one environment to another in a privacy-preserving fashion. More specifically, it incorporates the necessary tools to import data from multiple platforms (through the available Data Sources), process the data to remove sensitive information (through the Data Transformation Engine), and outport into other platforms (through the Data Export module).
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Data Provenance

The objective of the Data Provenance Tools from an End-User-Perspective is to provide stronger data ownership guarantees to data providers as sharing their datasets with the PIMCity platform will also discourage the illegal copying or reselling of datasets. That is because our module provides a watermarking algorithm that allows a data buyer or data owner to verify data ownership offline or a third-party verifier online on behalf of the data owner by reading a data owner secret information online previous agreement with such owner.
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Data Knowledge Extraction

The Personal Privacy Preserving Analytics (P-PPA) module has the goal of allowing data analysts and stakeholders to extract useful information from the raw data while preserving the privacy of the users whose data is in the datasets. It leverages concepts like Differential Privacy and K-Anonymity so that data can be processed and shared while guaranteeing privacy for the users.
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