PIMS Bussines Oportunities

23 February 2021

Goal: Highlight key elements of PIMS and how they are intended to be promoted through the EU Data Strategy. Explain PIMCity project and provide entities a first glance of how user centric personal data management models could help their daily operations.

Target audience: Companies and entrepreneurs interested in developing or implementing business models based on personal data with the PIM philosophy. Advertising ecosystem.

Description: The session focuses on the new and future data protection regulations and how new models of personal data management are going to be promoted in the EU. A short introductory statement by the host (IAB SPAIN) will be followed by presentations from European institutions (DG Connect), participants of EU-funded PIMCity project (AUI, POLITO…) and by private entities (GRAND DATA, WIBSON, TELEFÓNICA…). The presentations will discuss the EU Data Strategy, user centric data management models and will highlight the benefits of implementable PIMS and consent tools.

Introductory statement (IAB SPAIN)- 10 min
Data governance strategy (speaker from DG Connect)- 10 min
PIM concept. (Speaker from EDPS)- 10 min
PIMCity project (Speaker from NEC)-10 min
Roundtable companies (Speaker from WIBSON, TELEFONICA, OTHER COMPANIES) – 10 min each